The effective role of Sina Press in introducing soft technologies

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Parviz Karami said that scientific media are expected to pay attention to soft technologies، Sina Press has played a good role in this regard.

He was present during his visit to the National Park of Soft Sciences and Technologies and Cultural Industries at Sina Press News Agency and stressed the importance of the role of scientific media in promoting science and the growth of cultural industries among the people.

Parviz Karami, in an interview with Sina Press, said: "By examining the history of science and technology in the world, it is clear that the media has always had a good relationship with the people."
The media has created a strong link between science and technology producers and scientists with individuals and society; Because people are consumers and at the same time supporters of science and technology.
If science and technology have grown and developed in different countries of the world, it should be noted that this issue was first accepted by the people and then supported.
Referring to the Supreme Leader's special attention to the advancement of science and knowledge in the country, he noted:
If the Supreme Leader had not drawn the trajectory and policy of advancing scientific issues, today science and technology would be among the subjects that were compromised in debates between governments, parties and political disputes and would never be properly addressed. The current scientific growth and leap of the country are due to the attention of the Supreme Leader to the field of science.
Karami emphasized: "If we have the fourth rank in the field of nanotechnology today and also the seventh rank in the world in biotechnology, it is due to this attention and the trajectory mentioned above."
According to him, Iran has the ninth rank in aerospace sciences and all this shows the attention of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution to the issue of science and technology.
The secretary of the headquarters for knowledge-based economy culture-building and development of soft and creative industries
"If there was no support from the leadership and the people for scientists, none of these successes would have been achieved," he said.
Therefore, as the centers for promoting the development of science become more numerous, the scientific facts and necessities will be better understood.

According to this high official in the country's scientific policy, if we are looking for diplomacy and generalization of science and technology in society and we want to reproduce this cycle well, the producer and consumer of science in this chain must interact properly with each other.
 When this interaction is done properly, all components of the cycle, including government, private companies and the public, are willing to spend.
Parviz Karami added: "If this chain is interrupted or has problem, this cycle will also be defective."
Today, the main goal of the Vice President office for Science and Technology, is to strengthen and develop knowledge-based associations, startups and creative companies.
I believe that only researches that are practical and meet the needs of society can be useful. Otherwise, if there are hundred universities in a city like Tehran, but these universities do not have the necessary performance and positive impacts on people's lives, we have definitely just wasted money. But if we managed good and practical university whose function is felt in people's lives, it must be admitted that this scientific center has been successful.
Karami added: "Scientific media are expected to pay attention to soft technologies and cultural industries."
 Fortunately, Sina Press has played a good role in this regard. Of course, it should also be taken into account that there is a lot of resources in the field of creative industries in the country and the media has not yet shown acceptable attention to this area.
Referring to the economicization of cultural industries, he said:
 We have not been very successful in this regard; Because the cultural industries and the history of our civilization are not tied to the economy. Filling this area inside the country has been weak.
If our children know Western and Eastern myths like “Jumong” or “Ronaldo” well, it is because these people have been promoted and introduced by our local media.
At the end of his explanation, the secretary of the headquarters for knowledge-based economy culture-building and development of soft and creative industries emphasized: The performance of our national television has caused most Iranian families to know the characters of the “Jumong” series, but they do not know much about the myths of the “Shahnameh”.
 In order to introduce our culture and civilization to the world, we must tie our culture to the economy.  When our cultural products leave Iran in the context of the economy, it will be a good propaganda for Iranian culture and civilization and will eventually lead to the export of our revolution.




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