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The Lifespan of The Car's Internal Sensors Increased Tenfold

News ID: 12 Sunday 27 June 2021 - 09:21:12

Mass production of internal sensors in the car market was done by a manufacturer inTabriz; Its worth mentioning that theusual defects of the products have been largely eliminated and the lifespan of these sensors has been increased more than 10 times.

According to Sina Press; one of the domestic manufacturers of car sensors in Tabriz announced the production of car front sensors and reduced Iran's dependence on foreign countries.

Vahid Maliki, a manufacturer of car sensors and CEO of Niko Sanat (Synapse), told Sina Press: "Since the sanctions have created acute conditions in the production and industrial environment of the country, Niko Sanat Company (Synapse) in Tabriz province greatly reduced the country's dependence on imports of car sensors and was able to gain a significant sales market in the car market by turning this threat into an opportunity.”

Maliki added: "In the first phase, we started our activity in Tabriz by producing engine speed sensors, and today we have reached the production of 30 models of various car sensors. Fortunately, we have made good progress in terms of production; We are able to produce sensors for domestic and foreign cars, including MVM, Suzuki and Hyundai."

"In the first place to produce sensors, we need SMVs and chips which are produced by well-known brands in tech advanced countries such as Japan, Germany and the United States, but today we produce these chips," he said. The next stages of the production cycle are done by Niko Sanat Company (Synapse) which led to production with world standard quality to compete with Chinese products.

Referring to the success of Niko Sanat (Synapse), he said: "The production of car sensors in Iran has been done only by several companies, and this knowledge-based unit has been able to be on the top list."

It is worth mentioning that the advantage of this company's products over other brands is that the defects have been eliminated resulting to increase the lifespan; Also, the technology used in throttle sensors is competitive with developed countries which indicate the advancement of this company over other domestic brands.

He added: considering this year's slogan to remove obstacles in the production line, so far no action has been taken; It can even be said that more and more obstacles have been placed in the way of businesses; Especially in the Department of Industry and Mines and the Office of Industrial Offices.

He added that one of the solutions to overcome the production problems is to remove obstacles in the production line and to pay attention to the capacity of the youths and said: "If the government supports the youths, we can take a big step in the industry and economy of Iran. I believe that the only needed action for this process is to believe in the power of the new generation and youths.”

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