By an Iranian Nanotechnology Startup

Locally made Bubble Machine

News ID: 17 Sunday 04 July 2021 - 10:32:37

A Nanotechnology Startup has succeeded in producing a device that increases production efficiency in various industries by producing nanobubbles and increasing the amount of oxygen supply

"People who have an aquarium at home usually supply air and oxygen to the fish inside the aquarium with the bubbler air stone and air pump they have," Kamal Mohammadifar, research and development director at the Nanocapital startup, told Sina Press. With these pumps, the created oxygen bubbles are large and will be easily removed from the aquarium space, so the fish cannot use them much.
He emphasizes; The smaller we can produce these air bubbles, the more stable the bubbles will be, and the longer they will stay in the fluid, therefore, the more oxygen will be available to the fish.
According to the company's director of research and development, the production of finer bubbles at the nano level has a great effect on increasing production efficiency up to 30 percent. For example, if about 50 kilos of fish are harvested in a one-square-meter pond, with the help of this technology and only with effective oxygen supply, the amount of harvested fish is doubled to 100 kg.
He added: "These nanobubbles are also effective in greenhouse farming such as strawberry cultivation. For example, strawberries that grow in two weeks, can reach maximum growth in a week and increase production efficiency if oxygen-rich water is provided."
Mohammadifar stated: "With research, development and technical knowledge, we have successfully localized one of the most important types of equipment at a much more reasonable price which is produced in countries such as Japan and the United States.
"This bubble machine is used in a variety of industries, including water treatment," he says. "In this field, nanotechnology can help improve refining processes; This device is also very effective in disinfecting and removing contaminants."
He continues: "This technology is also used in other industries such as food, cosmetics, and health. For example, in skin hydrating creams, it is necessary to combine water into an oily phase, which will easily create the hydrating phase if nanotechnology is used. Nano-bubble production systems are, in fact, nanotechnology that is well used in 10 to 15 variations of different industries."
"We now have a competitor in the country that has just entered the field," the startup's research and development director told Sina Press. "We have a high competitive power as our average size package that is used for the fishery industry is about 100 to 120 million Tomans ($4,000 to $5,000), while our competitor offers the same device at a price of 250 million Tomans ($10,000)."
He added: "Also, the average price of foreign devices is about 6 thousand dollars which places our products in a more affordable range."

Reported by: Neda Azhari
Translated by: Mehdi Fallahi Panah

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