The Head of the E-Tourism Community Announced

We Need to Import 10 million Doses of Corona Vaccine to Attract Tourists

News ID: 19 Monday 05 July 2021 - 13:33:52

The head of the e-tourism community said: "Currently, we need to import 10 million doses of corona vaccine to attract tourists and boost the tourism industry."

According to Sina Press, Dr. Hassan Taghizadeh Ansari, President of the Electronic Tourism Association, said in a press conference at the first 100-year symposium of Iran's tourism: "We now need new technologies to overcome the current crisis and re-create the tourism industry during the Corona era. Fortunately, active startups in this field have been able to provide such a good opportunity." 
The creative and innovative CEO of Dibar Holding added: "We also need the help of the health sector for more safety to maintain the number of tourists. Other government agencies and institutions should also provide the necessary support in this regard in order to meet the demand for tourists to travel to the country."

He said: "Although we have been successful in the field of virtual tours and we have been able to introduce tourism destinations and hold virtual tourism tours, but we need to produce more content and do more advertising in accordance with the target market with the help of Park of Soft Sciences and Technologies and Cultural Industries, as well as tourism-related institutions and startups."

He stated: "One of the working groups of this symposium is medical tourism and traditional medicine. In this regard, the challenges of medical tourism and the historical trend of traditional medicine will be reviewed in the last century. This is a very important area as many tourists from neighboring countries request to visit Iran's medical centers for treatment."

According to him, we can use these capacities and potentials, provided that the Ministry of Health and Medical Education with proper planning increases the target market to take advantage of this opportunity during the corona outbreak. 

The head of the e-tourism community continued: "Currently, not only Iran but also other countries in the world have faced many challenges in the context of the Corona epidemic. The tourism industry of some countries, such as Australia, is now active with the re-opening of hotels, but now they are facing the challenge of human resources."

Ansari said: "Holding this symposium can draw a roadmap for the future. Therefore, we intend to provide the government and the new managers with the results of the analysis in order to provide a suitable output of the capacities for the future." 
He added: "Now the new government has asked us for help in this regard and we hope to overcome this crisis with the presence of experts and with the support of the president to minimize the adverse effect on the tourism industry." 

"The safety of tourism industry members is one of our demands to the new government," said the head of the e-tourism community. "Our partners now face some difficulties in providing services. These problems have caused a lot of damage to industry members, so we are pursuing the proposal to import the Corona vaccine. Therefore, we have requested the Ministry of Health and Tourism to import 10 million doses of Russian vaccine to attract tourists and solve the problems of the tourism industry."

Reported by: Farzaneh Sedghi
Translated by: Mehdi Fallahi Panah

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