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Intelligent Timing Belt Failure Warning System, Iranian Product

News ID: 22 Monday 19 July 2021 - 08:02:28

The intelligent time belt failure alarm system is an Iranian product that was registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO and this product has been supported by 153 countries.

According to SinaPress, the Knowledge-Based Company of Aria Rad Electricity has been registered in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in the United States some time ago. In fact, according to the PCT Global Convention in the United States, the World Intellectual Property Organization registers any work in any field that is unique and different from other examples. It is noteworthy that this knowledge-based company is located and operates in Ardabil Science and Technology Park.

According to the PCT, every product registered with the WIPO would have the opportunity to be supported by 153 countries. The car timing belt failure warning product, designed and manufactured by Aria Rad Company, has no foreign competitor. This product prevents mechanical damages by timely stopping the car and warning the driver when the timing belt breaks.

Dr. Mahsa Sedaghat, Research and Development Manager of Aria Rad, in an interview with SinaPress, said: According to PCT, our system is also registered in 153 countries. In fact, based on this Iranian product, Aria Rad Electricity is known as a knowledge-based company.

She added: "This device is able to warn the driver of the slightest failure in the car's crankshaft rotation in order to prevent damages leading to saving five to twenty million tomans (200-800 US$). This system alerts the driver instantly even for stripped teeth or loosening of the timing belt." 
According to Sedaghat, this product has a one-year warranty and ten years of after-sales service including one-year renewable insurance.

Explaining the system, Sedaghat said: "In fact, for the first time in the world, we were able to solve one of the car's mechanical problems with an electronic part. This system consists of two sensor kits, one in the car power system and the other in the cabin. The sensor inside the system checks the movement and shape of the timing belt at any time and transmits it to the kit installed inside the cabin. In case of timing belt defect, even loosen or torn, the cabin sensor informs the driver instantly."

She continued: "The intelligent time belt failure warning system notifies the driver with an alarm after five consecutive faults in the timing belt in just a few seconds.
It is notable that, the timing belt is used for synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft, which, if torn, causes a complete breakdown or catastrophic engine failure and a huge financial cost of repair.

Interview by: Farideh Soleimani
Translated by: Mehdi Fallahi Panah

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