Head of Jahad-Daneshgahi Institute of Fars Province;

Sina Press is one of the greatest media of Jahad Daneshgahi Institute

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According to the head of the Jahad-Daneshgahi Institute in Fars Province, Sina Press is one of the greatest media in the country's scientific and news field, which disseminates information in order to promote science.


Dr. Mazaher Babaei, the head of Jahad Daneshgahi Institute of Fars Province, pointed out the importance of the application of technological achievements in society while visiting the National Park of Soft Sciences and Technologies of Cultural Industries and attended the Sina Press news agency's head office.
In an interview with Sina Press, referring to the new achievements of the Jahad Daneshgahi Institute in Fars Province, he said: "Today, knowledge-based companies and their technological activities are one of the main issues being discussed in most scientific circles. I believe that the way out of today's problems is to value the products of these types of companies, and we must use the existing knowledge to produce wealth in order to overcome the problems."
He added: "Jahad Daneshgahi Institute pays special attention to the knowledge-based companies within the Fars province. It is worth mentioning, we try to support those knowledge-based companies which try to satisfy the province's needs and their products are in line with overcoming these shortages.”
Babaei said: "Currently, two important knowledge-based projects are being carried out in Fars province by the research institutes with the support of the Jahad Daneshgahi Institute. One of which is to rose extract and the other is to produce calcium nitrate fertilizer, which is expected to reach the stage of production and economic efficiency in a short time. Regarding the first project, I must say that it has reached the production stage. It is worth mentioning that our managers are expected to consider being knowledge-based in order to achieve mass production by using internal capacities.”
Regarding the cooperation between the institute and prestigious universities in Shiraz, he said: "In research, Jahad Daneshgahi has always been by the side of the university and we always have a good relationship with Shiraz University and the Faculty of Medical Sciences of this province; We have a long root of collaborations with specialized groups and faculty members which has increased in the past year.”
In regard to the applicability of research in the institute said: "One of the basic attitudes on which the Jahad Daneshgahi was formed was to solve society's problems through research. Jahad Daneshgahi Institute of Fars is no exception. We have always tried to support applied research based on needs and requirements.
Babaei said: "Jahad Daneshgahi institute has two other media besides Sina Press which shows the importance of promoting accurate information, and a media such as Sina Press promotes Science in the right way in the scientific context. In fact, one of the honors of the institute is the existence of such a media in the scientific and news space of the country, which reports news and information to the members of the society, that ultimately leads to an increase in information.
He told Sina Press about the importance of the activity of the National Park of Soft Sciences and Technologies of Cultural Industries: "Creating a complex called the National Park of Soft Sciences and Technologies and Cultural Industries was a very appropriate action and it is an admirable choice from the institute. Because we have always acted poorly in the cultural industries in the past, and this media can well fill the gap.
He emphasized: Considering that our country is in the first world ranks in the field of cultural industries and Fars province is one of the leaders of this profession so that it has more than seventy special handicrafts, therefore, the existence of a national park Soft sciences and technologies of cultural industries provide the ground for the development of Iranian-Islamic culture along with improving the employment situation.
He further announced the concluding a memorandum of understanding between the Jahad Daneshgahi institute of Fars province and the Science and Technology Park complex of this province and said: "The latest memorandum of understanding that the Jahad Daneshgahi has with the science and technology park of this province is about soft technologies. And it has been creative industries that aim to improve the economic situation of the province.
Interview by: Mahtab Damirchi
Translated by: Mehdi Fallahi Panah




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