Head of Alborz Jahad Daneshgahi Science and Technology Park;

Science and technology parks, a good option to get rid of the oil-dependent economy

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According to the director of Alborz Science and Technology Park; Research based on indigenous needs is the main way to join the knowledge-based economy.

Therefore, science and technology parks can be a good option to get rid of the oil-dependent economy in the country.

Mr. Mehdi Abbasi; The head of Alborz Jahad Daneshgahi's Science and Technology Park in an interview with Sina Press on the occasion of Research Week said: Research and technology in our country have two different approaches. Most research is done in academia, while technological activities are usually done in other contexts such as science and technology parks.
He added: "Therefore, in the field of technology and its relationship with research, it must be said that today there are ideas that must be implemented. According to senior officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we have no choice but to get rid of the oil economy and we have to move towards the economy of knowledge-based companies."
Abbasi said: "Considering the sanctions, the way to save the country is to escape from the oil economy to a knowledge-based economy. In this regard, we must give more value to these companies according to the needs and potentials so that we can overcome this crisis."
The head of Alborz Science and Technology Park said:  the provincial capacities in the country have to be considered in applying research in the field of technology. For example, if we want to implement an idea or research in the field of agriculture, we must implement it in a province that has enough water and does not have to deal with the problem of drought.
Abbasi stressed: "In fact, science and technology parks in the first step should pay attention to the capacities and potentials of the desired location. Climate capacity and existing expertise are a set of factors that must be considered to create or decline a practical project."
He said: "For example, Alborz province is one of the centers of automobile manufacturing in the country, which shows the capability and potential of this province in the automotive industry. It is worth mentioning that the specialized movement in this field is formed when polarization takes place before any action. In this regard, the National Park of Soft Sciences and Technologies of Cultural Industries is one of the successful examples that operates only in the field of cultural industries.”
Asked if it was possible to get out of the oil economy with the help of parks, he responded: "Science and technology parks have always been successful examples around the world, but we must remember that we should not do what is being done in the world and this is a mistake. In fact, we have to do research based on our technological needs and local conditions, and then enter the field of action. It is in these circumstances that these collections can be a good option to get rid of the oil-dependent economy."

Interview by: Mahtab Damirchi
Translated by: Mehdi Fallahi Panah


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