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From abacus calculation to Sampad schools

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سینا پرس : According to an entrepreneur in the field of mind development for children; In the process of calculating with abacus, children use the right hemisphere of their brain.

Ruhollah Mokhberian, the head of the "Creative Smart Children" organization about the nature and important activities of this establishment in an interview with Sinapress said: In 2012, the "Creative Smart Children Organization" was launched with the aim of cultivating children's minds and increasing the function of the brain hemispheres, in order to provide related education. Our target population is children between the ages of three and fifteen, as this is the most important time for brain development.

He added: "Considering that not many useful activities were carried out in the fields of mind and brain development in our country's educational system; The "Creative Smart Children Organization" strives to improve children's mental skills through mental education with an abacus that has been used for more than two hundred years in the world.
Mokhberian said: "Such activities are formed in the world for several years. In fact, Iran's neighbouring countries also started this action almost in the same year. In addition to children's mental education, our other goals were to educate teachers and ultimately creating a network throughout the country, which has so far yielded acceptable results.
Referring to the activities of the "Creative Smart Children Organization", he said: "We hold an annual festival called "Smart Children", which gives the top members of this festival permission to participate in national competitions." It's worth mentioning that the first festival started in 2013 in Tehran and the seventh edition was held in 2020 before the outbreak of Coronavirus.
According to Mokhberian; The Creative Smart Children Organization has become a member of the PAMA Global Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Association since 2016, headquartered in Taiwan. Pama has three main functions; Train educators, provide international certifications to children and hold annual competitions. Fortunately, in 2016 our country received a license to participate in the competitions.
He continued; Iran has been a champion since participating in competitions in every period in these festivals. Therefore, this year our country was selected to host the tournament, but due to the Corona pandemic, no competition was held in this regard. Most likely, we will hold it online in February of this year. Hopefully, in 2021, we will host the Pama World Cup in person.
Mokhberian said about the importance of developing children's brains in this organization: "The world of the brain function is an attractive world and our activity is based on these attractions.
The mental calculation has a variety of tools, and our main reason for choosing the abacus was that when children use the abacus to calculate, they use the illustration technique. They do not use only the left hemisphere of their brain to calculate logical numbers like ordinary people. In fact, children who do mental calculations with the abacus also use the right hemisphere of the brain because of their imagery function. It is under these conditions that the function of the brain develops greatly.
"Since ninety-five percent of the world's population has a dominant left hemisphere, people who use the right hemisphere can be more powerful and perhaps more mentally empowered," said the head of the "Creative Smart Children Organization". It should be noted that the arithmetic training with abacus has two tangible and intangible properties that we often seek to achieve its intangible goal, which fortunately has shown some results.
He added: "The tangible outcome of this training is the high speed in children's calculations and mathematical operations after a few months which is easily evident. But the intangible effect is that children's self-confidence increases and that most of them succeed in learning other subjects as well. Also, high concentration and strong memory make the child experience very favourable conditions in terms of brain ability and IQ.
According to Mokhberian; Most children who received such training as children were admitted to Sampad or Talented schools. In fact, these pieces of training will be very effective in learning subjects with equations; Such as chemistry, physics, math and even memorizing subjects.
Referring to other services and activities of this organization, he mentioned: "Another activity of the" Creative Smart Children" is to provide a golden intelligence package that children can solve the problems in the textbook with games and tools. This process stimulates their critical thinking. Toranj educational packages are another service of this organization for children and students, which has been done in cooperation with the National Park of Soft Sciences and Technologies and Cultural Industries.
Mokhberian added: "Also, in the direction of educational justice, we recorded the educational packages of mathematics, science and Persian language from the first to the sixth grade with high graphics and a standard two-way training, which has been produced in an offline context." This package is currently being distributed to children who do not have access to the Internet. Another future program of this organization, that is to be held in cooperation with the National Park of Soft Sciences and Technologies and Cultural Industries, is the Khatoon National Award, in which we will celebrate creative and entrepreneurial mothers for the first time.
According to the head of the "Creative Smart Children Organization" holding MBA courses for kids in different age groups is another important activity that is being implemented.
"Familiarity with the concepts of business for children in this course is our main goal that even when children have finished school, they can be a full-fledged manager for small organizations. This course is based on the needs of the country in the future", he said.

Interview by: Mahtab Damirchi
Translated by: Mehdi Fallahi Panah