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Technology Plays the Main Role in Production Growth and Containment of Inflation

The head of the Science and Technology Park of Amirkabir University of Technology said: If the growth of production is in the direction of technology and creation of added value, it can help curb inflation by itself.

Dr. Farhang Fasihi Langroudi, head of Amirkabir University of Technology Science and Technology Park, said in a conversation with Sinapress: This year, various programs and policies have been set in our agenda, including more groundwork in order to help the activities of technological companies.

He added: If the growth of production is in the direction of technology and added value, it can help curb inflation by itself. Now, the companies located in the science and technology park complex of Amirkabir University of Technology can greatly contribute to the growth of production in various fields, therefore this year the discussion of developing services to companies has been put in our plan.

He further stated: One of our goals for this year is to establish a relationship between the industry and the technology units of Amir Kabir University because the efforts that these people make to develop technology in the country are related to the real issues and real needs of the industry. Fortunately, the Ministry of Science Research and Technology has concluded a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade regarding the realization of this matter. In this regard, the main task of Amir Kabir University Science and Technology Park is to supply technology and connect the university to industry. 

Fasihi told Sinapress: According to this memorandum of understanding, a joint campus will be established between these two ministries. Furthermore, both ministries provide their needs and space to the science-based companies of Amirkabir University Science and Technology Park. Then, in a common atmosphere, we will take measures to increase quality, grow production and expand the market of industry inside and outside the country.

He reminded: Now many diverse and related companies in the fields of electronics, design and mechanical industries are operating in the science and technology park within Amirkabir University. In this program, we plan to connect electronic companies with design and mechanical companies to establish a joint innovation campus under the joint support of both ministries.

He clarified: Science and Technology Park has legal advantages based on the rules of the Ministry of Science, so companies based on this campus can easily do their activities. Companies can easily get to know the needs of the industry sector by referring to the production line and processes in the industry sector and taking effective action to help the growth of production. He noted: It is expected that in the first phase, 20 units will be installed on this campus by the first half of this year.

Fasihi told Sinapress: “Certainly, this type of cooperation does not lead to direct foreign exchange; The activities of technology companies affect the production of industry. Industry production leads to market expansion leading to an increase in quality and export.

In the end, he stated: Currently, 240 technology units are operating in Amirkabir Science and Technology Park. This year, we plan to increase the number of these units by 50% and bring them to about 400 companies with the cooperation of the industry sector. Out of 240 technology units, 60 knowledge-based companies are located in Science and Technology Park. This year, we plan to accept new knowledge-based companies and help others to obtain their knowledge-based license.

Reported by: Farzaneh Sedeghi

Translated by: Mehdi Fallahi Panah

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